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“American Idol” Country Singer Josh Gracin Loses Half of his Music Rights in Divorce

Josh GracinJosh Gracin, finalist from the second season of “American Idol,” has lost half of his music rights through his recently finalized divorce from his wife, Ann.


Through the period of their 17-year marriage, Josh had recorded 24 songs as a professional musical artist.  Last September, however, Ann filed for divorce not long after Josh was placed in a 5150 psychiatric hold for an apparent suicide threat.


According to the legal documents, the divorce settlement awarded Ann a 50% stake of the songs Josh created during his musical career.  Additionally, Josh must also pay $1,590 a month in alimony and $1,436 a month in child support.


The two have four children together and will share custody, but the restraining orders that they have placed against each other may cause that to be a bit difficult.


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