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clarksville paternity lawyerEffective Paternity Representation From a Clarksville Attorney

 In the State of Tennessee, there is a process in place for fathers to prove or disprove the paternity of a child. This process, which is also called “parentage,” can be as simple as the signing of a legal document that acknowledges a father’s paternity. It can also include DNA testing that will determine actual parentage. This process is often requested as part of a divorce proceeding, but can be requested any time a child’s best needs are being considered by the court. If you need some help with your paternity case, then call us today for a FREE conversation about how we can represent your rights.

Why Are Paternity Issues Considered By the Court?

 The primary issue related to a paternity case is child support. The legal father of a minor child, however, also has two other specific legal rights that are recognized by law:

  • Inheritance rights: The typical process for inheritance is that a minor child inherits from their legal father, but it also works in reverse. A legal father also inherits from his minor child.
  • Visitation rights: The legal father of a minor child is allow parenting time by law. Your Clarksville attorney can help you maximize this time that is decided on a number of factors, including employment and background, as well as parental agreement.

Child support is also mandated by law from the legal father and this award is based on his ability to provide for himself and for his legal child. This is why paternity becomes an important part of the equation. If a man is found not to be the legal father of a child, there is no legal basis for an award of child support.

Do You Need To Prove Paternity?

Each paternity case is unique and often has complex steps that must be effectively navigated. Despite this complexity, your rights must be professionally represented every step of the way! You’ll receive that needed level of service when you choose a Clarksville attorney with experience in cases like yours. Contact us right now for a free, no obligation consultation about your paternity case to see just how effectively we can represent your legal rights.

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