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Rights of a Criminal Defendant

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It doesn’t matter what crime was committed, the defendant in a criminal case has constitutional rights that may not be taken from them.  First and foremost, a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, and, building from that, the prosecution must prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the defendant is, in fact, guilty.

Rights Of A Criminal Defendant

  • The right to remain silent, to not incriminate oneself, or testify against oneself.
  • The right to have a public, speedy trial.
  • The right to have a trial by jury.
  • The right to be represented by an attorney and receive adequate representation.
  • The right against double jeopardy, being tried multiple times for the same offense.
  • The right of protection against ex post facto laws, or, from being tried by laws created after the trial.
  • The right of protection against cruel and unusual punishment, including excessive fines and excessive bail.
  • The right of protection against any unwarranted searches or seizures.
  • The right to confront witnesses and call for supporting witness.
  • The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any court or parole proceedings.
  • The right to be heard at any public proceeding of the case.

You Have Your Legal Rights, Take Advantage of Them

As a criminal defendant, you are protected by these rights, and the prosecution may do nothing to take them away from you in any way.  This alone is the perfect reason to hire an attorney to support your case.  With a defense attorney, you will have a keen set of eyes of your side, able to find any loophole possible to build your defense.  Such an attorney would be able to have any sentences charged against you reduced to a reasonable severity, or even possibly be able to have the case thrown out altogether.

Hire An Experienced Clarksville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don’t try and defend yourself alone.  You have the right to an attorney, act on that right today.  At Turner Law Offices, P.C. local Clarksville office, we offer a free initial consultation.  Request Free Initial Consultation Online or call today to schedule your meeting with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.

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