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Free Paternity Consultation Clarksville TN

Free Paternity Consultation Clarksville TNFree Initial Paternity in Clarksville TN

At Turner Law Offices, P.C. Clarksville office, we offer a free initial consultation for all new paternity/parentage/legitimation cases.  In a contested paternity case, the main issues are naming the primary residential parent, setting parenting time for the alternate residential parent, calculating current child support obligation, and determining whether there is a retroactive child support obligation.  Our Clarksville parentage attorneys will meet with you face-to-face and discuss the specifics of your paternity case.

Benefits of A Free Initial Paternity Consultation

Most other attorneys offer a free initial consultation on the telephone; Turner Law Offices, P.C. paternity attorneys are different in that we sit down with you face-to-face to discuss the ins and outs of your case!  You don’t have to bring anything with you to the free initial meeting, but if you have the following items, please bring them with you:

  • Completed New Client Information Sheet
  • Court papers served on you
  • Letters received from other lawyers or Child Support Services
  • Notes showing time with the child
  • Child’s school records
  • Child’s medical records
  • Parent’s criminal records
  • All information relevant to your case

Request a Free Initial Paternity Consultation in Clarksville TN

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