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Golf Couple Jason and Amanda Dufner File for Divorce

amanda-dufnerPGA golfer Jason Dufner and his wife Amanda are bringing their 3-year marriage to an end after divorce papers were filed in a Jefferson County court in Alabama.


According to the documents, the two had been living separately since February 17, and Amanda felt there was no way to repair the relationship.  In her initial filing, Amanda cited that there had been an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage,” and that the two had a “complete incompatibility of temperaments.”


The two married in May 2012, and the divorce filing happened merely a day after Jason tied for 24th at the Valspar championship. The final ruling of the divorce is set for later this month.


From the split, Amanda is expecting to receive a gross sum of $2.5 million, and Jason will get to keep the two houses, one of which is under construction on a 46-acre lot, in Alabama.


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