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How Long Does Divorce Take in Tennessee?

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Like most divorces across the country, the length of a divorce in Tennessee depends entirely upon the case and the two spouses getting divorced.

In general, a Tennessee divorce can take anywhere from as short as two months to taking years to fully complete.  60 days is the minimum amount of time it takes for a divorce to be finalized, and that’s only if it’s a mutual-consent, no-fault divorce without any children.

The 60 day “cooling off” period, also called the provisional period, is mandatory, and begins after the complaint is filed.  This period is meant to let the spouses have some time to think if they truly want to go through with the divorce, and is also a buffer to determine if the wife may be pregnant, as pregnancy changes the rules of a divorce a bit.

If there are minor children involved in the divorce, the provisional period is automatically bumped up to a minimum of 90 days.  If the spouses agree to divide a pension, the divorce could last another 2 to 6 months before it can be finalized.

A contested divorce commonly doesn’t take longer than a year, but some cases can last up to two or more.  At that point, it all depends on the speed of court proceedings and how many issues are involved in the case (such as alimony, child support, division of property, etc.).

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