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How to Have a Smooth Divorce

Le divorceLet’s face it: divorce is rough.  You’re breaking up with someone you pledge to live the rest of your life with, and the painful part is that they are doing the same.  Almost daily, you can see headlines of a celebrity getting a divorce and things are turning nasty.  A divorce is almost intrinsically connected to heated emotions, and the possibility of a divorce being a long, drawn-out process can take a heavy toll on you emotionally and mentally.

So, how do you smooth out a legal process famous for fights, anger and sorrow?

First off, don’t put too much value in property.  They’re just things, you can always get more.  When it comes time to split the property, be willing to give and take.  Be flexible in what you get from the division, and let go what you don’t get to keep.  Your personal health is much more important than a car or house.

Speaking of health, stay active.  Exercise, even if it’s just a few times a week.  It’s been long-proven that physical activity reduces stress levels, and can be a healthy outlet to deal with the heavy emotions related to divorce.  You may feel powerless in the face of divorce, that the events leading up to it have caused things to spiral out of control.  You may feel hopeless, that there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation.  Your body, however, is yours to control.  When you exercise, you do it for you, and nobody can stop you except yourself.  During a divorce, stay physically active.  Your emotional and mental health will thank you.

If you have children, do not use them as tools in the divorce.  The divorce can be more traumatic for them than it is for you.  Children benefit best when they remain in contact with both parents, so, unless your spouse was abusive, don’t try to take your children away from them completely.  Don’t bad-mouth your spouse around your children, and don’t use them as tools to get revenge on your spouse.  Instead, talk to them.  Be open, honest, understanding and forgiving.  They’re likely going taking the divorce just as hard as you, if not harder.  Be there to help them through it, and allow your spouse to do the same.

Finally, look for a divorce attorney.  Yes, it’s extra money, but a divorce attorney can help you keep things on track.  A divorce attorney would be able to perfectly guide you through the process of divorce and, in the midst of heated emotions, ensure that every detail is covered.

If you are considering divorce but are still unsure about the process, I urge you to call us to speak with one of our attorneys.  Our divorce attorneys are skilled professionals who specialize in family law, and they will expertly guide you through the process of divorce.

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