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Sister Wives Star Divorces First Wife in Order to Legally Marry Fourth Wife

Nevada Ballet Theatre's Opening Night Of 'The Nutcracker'Kody Brown, polygamist Mormon and patriarch of the family starring in the reality show Sister Wives, has divorced his first wife, Meri, in order to be legally married to the fourth wife, Robyn.


Calling it a “restructuring” of their family, the Browns all seem to be happy with the decision, even Meri, stating that they “made this decision together as a family.”


Although they may live together as a polygamist family, Kody is only able to be legally married to one of the women.  By legally divorcing Meri, Kody was able to become legally married to Robyn.


The decision was made in order to give legal benefits to Robyn’s three children from her first marriage, Dayton, Aurora and Breanna.  Although Kody and Meri have one teenage daughter together, Robyn’s child, Dayton, had to undergo serious eye surgery.  The now legal arrangements of the marriage between Kody and Robyn now grants Robyn’s children legal benefits, such as health insurance.


The polygamist family has a total 17 children altogether, and the other two wives, Janelle and Christine, have not yet been legally married to Kody.


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