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Tennessee Serial Rapist Indicted by Grand Jury

Best criminal lawyer in Clarksville TennesseeA Goodlettsville man has been indicted by a Davidson County Grand Jury for the alleged sexual assault of nine different women.


Over the past 11 years, Mark E. Jenkins, age 48, has allegedly raped nine women, threatening and beating them into submission.  According to authorities, he would pick women up from various streets and then drive them to a remote location, where he would then sexually assault them.


A DNA test in an October 2013 investigation pointed authorities in the direction of Jenkins. After he was apprehended, further DNA tests linked Jenkins to cases of multiple other women being raped over the past decade.


Jenkins is now being held in the Metro jail on a $800,000 bond.


According to Metro police, he faces a myriad of charges, including 20 counts of aggravated rape, 8 counts of aggravated kidnapping, and four counts of rape.  According to testimonies, many of the women were raped multiple times during the horrendous encounters.


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