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Unsatisfied with Your Child Support Situation? A Child Support Attorney can Fix That

child_support_hearing_paperwork_lWhen a Tennessee court decides on matters concerning child custody and support, they do so in the best interest of the child.  They’ll determine if the parents should be granted joint physical custody of the child, or, in more extreme cases, will determine if one parent should be granted primary custody.  The court will then move from there to determine if child support should be paid, who should pay it, and how much.  Again, their main determining factor is what will be the best interest of the child.


Child support and custody situations don’t have to remain the same forever, though.  If you think you’re being choked for too much child support while your ex-spouse, who has been granted primary custody, has recently improved their financial standing, you may be able to have it changed.


On the reverse side, if you are the primary custodian of the child and your ex-spouse has recently improved their living situation, such as through a job promotion or raise, you may be entitled to having the support payments raised.


The best way to tell: consult a child support attorney and follow their advice.


A child support attorney is a legal professional who is beyond proficient in the legal matters surrounding child support.  They are experts in navigating family law, and the most informed people available to help you improve your current situation.


Don’t try facing the court alone, especially if your ex-spouse hires an attorney.  You need a professional on your side to increase your chances of a favorable outcome, and our child support attorneys are some of the best in the state.  We will fight for your right to parenthood, so call us today and begin building your case to properly care for your child.

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