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probate attorney in clarksville tnProbate Lawyer|Clarksville TN

One of the dramatic moments in television or the movies is the meeting the family has after a loved one passes away to discuss the will. The probate attorney reads the will, people react in shock, and the storyline is progressed. In real life, however, probate is often a much more complicated matter. Even when a thorough will is in place, having a Clarksville attorney who specializes in probate law assisting you is a valuable asset to have. Take advantage of a free, no obligation consultation right now to see how you may benefit!

Who Will Distribute the Estate?

It is true that a thorough will has the ability to limit the amount of probate that a family must endure after a loved one passes away. Without an effective will, probate may include:

  • deciding the guardianship of minors,
  • distribution of an estate’s assets, and
  • settlements of existing debts.

Some tasks are required even when a thorough will is in place. Creditors, for example, have up to 4 months in the State of Tennessee to file a claim against a will. A Clarksville attorney who specializes in probate law can help to close the estate after this period of time, work through challenges made should a will not be in place, and streamline the process for the will’s executioner.

A determination of the actual value of the assets that an estate has must also be made. This process can also be quite tedious because it may include real estate, investments, liquid cash assets, and securities. This value must be determined before an estate can effectively proceed and locating these assets is not always as easy as it may seem. A Clarksville attorney can greatly assist with this process to save a family time and money.

How Could a Clarksville Probate Attorney Help You Today?

If you don’t have an experienced probate attorney assisting you with a will right now, then today is the day to get the help you may need. Each situation is unique, which means taking advantage of our free, no obligation consultation is a great first step in the process of streamlining the process that your estate is facing right now. A local Clarksville attorney can help you handle creditor claims, assist with potential challenges, and make the process as smooth as possible. Losing someone you love is hard enough – having a difficult probate situation shouldn’t make this situation even more difficult.  At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we offer a free initial in person consultation in all probate matters.  Request Free Initial Consultation Online or call our office today to meet with one of our experienced probate lawyers.

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