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Clarksville Child Custody LawyerEffective Child Custody Representation From a Clarksville Attorney

The standard for decision-making in the State of Tennessee when it comes to children is that whatever is determined to be in the best interests of the child will be done. To assist with this process, a judge is required to perform a comparative fitness test in every child custody dispute to help determine what a child’s best interests are from a legal standpoint. Your Clarksville attorney will provide you with the effective representation you need to have the best opportunity to reach your desired outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how our team could help you!

How Is Child Custody Determined By the Court?

After the judge completes the comparative fitness test, the documentation must specifically name the parent with whom a child will spend a majority of their time. Even if time spent is equalized, one parent will be given a majority custody based on the results of the fitness comparison. A residential schedule will be determined and then a permanent parenting plan will be developed based on all of these results.

This creates a primary parent and an alternate parent. As with all matters, the final results of the parenting arrangement will be based on what the court determines is the child’s best interest. In our experience, many of these decisions are based on a parent’s work schedule and who has traditionally been the child’s primary caregiver in the past. Your Clarksville attorney can help to effectively communicate your desires, protect your parenting rights to the greatest extent possible, and work to provide a solution that works for all parties.

Modifications to a Parenting Plan Are Possible

An experienced attorney can help to continue to represent your best needs in a child custody case after the parenting arrangement is finalized. Modifications are possible by both parents or guardians in a case, but mediation is required to make this modification possible. If there are changes to economical or family circumstances that could affect the best interests of the child, the court is required to modify the parenting agreement so that it is reflective of these new circumstances.

hire An Experienced Clarksville Child Custody Lawyer

Only an experienced child custody attorney can represent you throughout this process effectively and that’s what you’ll get from our team in Clarksville, TN. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help to represent your best interests and what services we could provide to help your family.  Request a Free Initial Consultation Online or Call Our Offices to schedule an in person same day meeting with one of our experienced child custody lawyers.

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