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Mother of Drug-Addicted Newborn Infant Going to Jail

Best Crminal Lawyer in Clarksville TNThe second-ever Tennessee mother convicted of a new state law charging women for giving birth to a drug-addicted child is going to jail after opting out of rehab.

Last July, Memphis Woman Jamillah Falls was convicted of a new Tennessee law making it illegal for a mother to give birth to a newborn who is found to already be addicted to drugs.    The law had only been passed a mere 4 days before she gave birth, but it was enough for her to be found guilty of harming the child.

After being convicted, she was given the option of either undergoing rehab or being put in jail.  Falls attempted to go through the rehab program, but later opted to simply go to jail.  She turned herself in saying she’d rather sit in jail than go through the program.

According to the new law, Falls was found guilty of assault, and she must now spend six months in jail.

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