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Pras Michel Refuses to Pay Child Support, Even With an Income of $1.7M a Year

Child Support Disputes Clarksville TennesseeSometimes, an income of $1.7 million a year just isn’t enough to account for a $4,000 a month increase in child support for your 4-year-old son.  At least, it’s not when your Pras Michel.

Michel, former Fugees hip-hop star, has been missing court dates and refusing to pay a better amount of child support to cover increasing costs, according to testimony by his ex-girlfriend.

Angela Severiano, age 38, appeared in a Manhattan Family Court, asking for a raise in the current child support arrangement from $3,000 a month to $7,000.  The increase, she claims, is to cover the increased costs of day care, birthday parties, and vacations for their 4-year-old son.

Michel, however, didn’t show up to the court date, making this his second no-show in six months.  He claimed that he only earns $300,000 a year, but provided no documentation to back up the statement.

Severiano counters this argument by claiming that the $300,000 income is from documents from 2012, whereas he has recently listed his income as $1.7 million on documents for a sublet in New York.

Michel’s attorney, however, disputed Severiano’s testimony and claimed that Michel was too sick to appear in court.

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